Belgrade Internet TT 2006

Helpmate in Two (h#2)

Borislav Gadjanski
1st Prize
Kostas Prentos
2nd Prize
h2#                                   5+12
h2#                               6+12
b) Sd4→c4
c) Sd4→d5

a) 1.Bh4: Sb3+ 2.Kc4 Rd4#
b) 1.Sa2: Sd6 2.Kd5 Sb7#
c) 1.Rd7: Sf4 2.Kd4 Se6:#
Complex form of the theme.
The 3 white line pieces are
captured in cyclical order
and interfered by White on
the first move. Cyclic
changed squares occupied
by WS in the initial position
and by BK in the second move.
1.Sxd7 Rb6 2.Kd5 Bxb7#
1.Qxc7 Rxg6 2.Kxe5 Qf5#
1.Qxc8 Qc6+ 2.Kf5 Rf6#
Triple masked unguard of
flight by capture of three
different white pieces.
Iļja Ketris
3rd Prize
Jean Haymann
4th Prize
h2#                                   7+7
h2#                               10+10
1.Qxg4 Qd6+ 2.Kxc4 d3#
1.hxg4 Qf2 2.Ke4 Qxe3#
1.Sxg4 Qxf5+ 2.Kd4 Qd5#
Triple masked unguard of
the same white line by
capture of WRg4 in an
economical and well
constructed position.
1. Qe6: Sg4+ 2. Ke4: Qh7#
1. Qf6: Sec4+ 2.Kd4: Rd8#
A complex diagonal
orthogonal setting of black
anticipatory self-pin on
masked line with masked
unguard of BK flight by
capture of a rear indirect
battery piece. Direct unpins
of WS and pin-mate.
Srećko Radović
5th Prize
Zoran Gavrilovski
6th Prize
h2#                                   5+10
h2#                               5+9
a) 1.Sd6: Rc1 2.Kb4 Rb1#
b)1.Sc6: Bg3 2.Kf6 Bh4#
c)1.bc5 Rb6+ 2.Kc8 Rb8#
Difficult combination of
cyclic Zilahi with cyclic
masked unguard of BK
flight with cyclic captures
of the white line pieces,
cyclic changed functions of
white pieces and model
1.Bd3:+ Kd4 2.Kf5 Rf3#
1.Se3: Kf3 2.Ke5 Sd7#
An economical combination
of anticipatory half-pin with
masked unguard of BK flight
by alternative capture of
a rear piece of white indirect
Fadil Abdurahmanović
Special Prize
Menachem Witztum
1st Honourable Mention
s5#                                   3+4
h3#                               3+3
1. Bf4: Rc5+ 2.Kd6 Rd3#
1. Sb3: Bc5 2. Kb5 Qa4#
1. Sb4: Qd4 2. Sa2 Rc5#
1. fe5 Be7: 2.e4 Qd6#
An excellent setting of the
Future helpmate, but only
the first pair of solutions is
thematic. Completely
alternative capture of a piece
from the two indirect battery
Masterly construction.
a) 1. Sd3: Re4:+ 2. Kd6: Ba3#
b) 1. Sd2: Sc4+ 2.Kf4 Rf3#
Black anticipatory self-pin on
masked white line in
combination with capture of
a white piece and pin-mate.
The pin-mate in first phase
and double pin-mate in
second phase are somewhat
disharmonious in this very
difficult complex.
Aleksandr Semenenko
2nd Honourable Mention
Valery Gurov
3rd Honourable Mention
h2#                                   5+10
h2#                               10+5
1.Sf2: Qe3: 2.Kf5 Qg5#
1.gf2: Qh3: 2.Kf6 Qe6#
1.Qf2: Qe2: 2.Kf4 Qe4:#
A triple setting of the theme
with capture of the same
white piece. Same as in 3rd
prize, but the solutions are
cruder here.
b) Rf7-> f6
1.Bf7: Se3 (Sh6?) 2. Kf4: Qf6#
1.Bg6: Sd4 (Sh4) 2. Ke4: Re6:#
Diagonal/orthogonal setting
of Zilahi with masked unguard
of a BK flight by white
interference and choice of the
white first move.
Slobodan Šaletić
4th Honourable Mention
Victor Chepizhnij
5th Honourable Mention
h2#                                   7+13
h2#                               5+5
b) Kb4-g2
1.Rf7: (2.Bf7:?) Be4:
2.Kb3 Bd5#
1.Bf7: (2.Rf7:?) Re4:
2.Kf2 Rf4#
An original interpretation of the
theme with direct white battery
creation and change of the
newly created direct battery
into indirect one. Switchback of
mate piece and reciprocal dual
avoidance in compete diagonal
orthogonal harmonious
1.Qd2: (Sd2:?) de7:
2.Kd7 e8Q#
1.Qg3: (Sg3:?) d7
2.Kc7 d8Q#
An economical setting of the
theme with white promotions
and dual avoidance.
A. Hirshenson & E. Navon
6th Honourable Mention
Colin Sydenham
7th Honourable Mention
h2#                                   10+8
h2#                               4+7
1.Qf7: Qh5 2.K:f4 Qh6#
1.Rh7: Qd7 2.Ke4: Re8#
Diagonal /orthogonal
combination of the theme
with mixed interferences
and reciprocal changed
functions of white Rf7/Bh7
an black Qa7/Rh4.
a) 1.Ra5:+ Kc6 2.Ke5 Bg7:#
b) 1.Bg7:+ Ke7 2.Ke5 Ra5:#
Successfull achievement of
the theme in duplex form.
Two reciprocal white/black
captures and complete
diagonal orthogonal analogy
in an economical and well
constructed position.
Jorge Kapros
Valery Semenenko
h2#                                   6+3
h2#                               5+7
a) 1.Qb7: c8=R+ 2.Kd7 Bf5#
b) 1.Qb8: c8=Q+ 2.Kd6: Qd7#
b) Bg5->e5
c) Pf5->e5
a) 1.S4d2: Re3 2.Kd6 Be7#
b) 1.Bd2: Rb3 2.Kd5 Rb5#
c) 1.S1d2: Ra3 2.Kd4 Be3#
Jorge Lois
Daniel Papack
h2#                                   7+7
h2#                               5+9
1.Bg8: Sf4 2.Kg4 Bh3#
1.Sg2: Sd4+ 2.Ke4 Re8#
1.Rb3: Re4 2.Kd5 Rd1#
1.Rf1: Be4 2.Kf4 Qb8#
Frank Richter
Dragan Stojnić
h2#                                   7+11
h2#                               11+10
b) Qf7->f4
1.Qa5: Se6 2.Kd5: Sg5 (Sc5?)#
1.Qb6: Se4 2.Kd4: Sf2 (Sc5?)#
1.Rb6: Sd3+ 2.Kd4 Rc4#
1.Sc7: Sb3 2.Kc4 Qc5#
1.Sb6:? Sd3 2.Kd4 Rc4#?
1.Rc7:? Sb3 2.Kc4 Qc5#?

Gevgelija, Macedonia, 13th April 2006, Živko Janevski, International Judge of FIDE