FIDE ALBUM 1998 - 2000


Composers are invited to submit their high quality compositions for the selection of compositions to appear in this Album. The compositions must be published during the years 1998-2000 (the closing date of a formal tourney is without influence). Note that the award of 6th WCCT was published in 2001, so the compositions in that award belong to a later Album.

Five copies of each entry are required. They must be clearly stamped or printed on diagram sheets (paper of normal thickness) in A5 size (155 x 210 mm), one entry per sheet, with the author's full name and address, place and year of original publication, award and full solution on the same side as the diagram. If necessary, the solution may be continued on a second sheet of paper ( not on the back of the diagram ) but the author's name and the position of the kings must be repeated. Entries not complying with these requirements may be rejected.

Entries should be sent to the Section Directors below, postmarked not later than 31. 8. 2002.

If someone enters compositions by another composer, the agreement of that composer should, if possible, be obtained beforehand. Any composer not wishing to appear in the Album (except possibly with joint compositions) may inform the speaker of the Album subcommittee of this fact. The present speaker is Kjell Widlert (address below).

In addition, the PCCC makes the following recommendations:

1. To help the Directors, the source of the compositions should, if possible, include not only magazine and year of publication but also the month or magazine number and/or the number of the composition.
2. If a composition has been computer-tested, this should be indicated with the symbol "C+" or "Co".
3. Unusual fairy forms should be explained.

Twomovers: Director - Udo Degener, Stephensonstrasse 47, D-14482 Potsdam, Germany.
Judges - Peter Gvozdják, Anatolij Slesarenko, Claude Wiedenhoff.

Threemovers: Director - Piet le Grand, Spiegelstraat 87, NL-7552 MZ Hengelo, The Netherlands.
Judges - Alexandr Kuzovkov, Mircea Manolescu, Jean Morice.

Moremovers: Director - Hartmut Laue, Postfach 3063, D-24029 Kiel, Germany.
Judges - Alexandr Feoktistov, Henk le Grand, Michail Marandyuk.

Studies: Director - Harold van der Heijden, Michel de Klerkstraat 28, NL-7425 DG Deventer, The Netherlands.
Judges - Oleg Pervakov, Oscar Carlsson, Virgil Nestorescu.

Selfmates: Director - Hans Gruber, Ostengasse 34, D-93047 Regensburg, Germany.
Judges - Bo Lindgren, Waldemar Tura, Vladimir Zheltonozhko.

Helpmates: Director - Paz Einat, 3/27 Teper St., Nes Ziona 74042, Israel.
Judges - Michal Dragoun, Zivko Janevski, Thomas Maeder.

Fairies: Director - Kjell Widlert, Asögatan 109, 6 tr, SE-118 29 Stockholm, Sweden.
Judges - Juraj Lörinc, Christian Poisson, Hans Peter Rehm.

Retro: Director - Gianni Donati, 175 Bertrand Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA.
Judges - Michel Caillaud, Andrey Frolkin, Gerd Wilts.

Bratislava, November 2001 Bedrich Formánek, President PCCC